Why Choose Us

We are the Most Trusted and Productive Real Estate
Brokerage in the San Juan Islands, Since 1960!

Coldwell Banker Referral System

In the United States, Coldwell Banker has over 2,000 Real Estate Brokerages with over 100,000 Real Estate Brokers. Globally, Coldwell Banker has over 3,000 Real Estate Brokerages with over 150,000 Real Estate Brokers in 49 Countries and Territories. We refer clients to each other with confidence knowing that each Coldwell Banker office is a high quality real estate brokerage and that our clients will receive the best customer service.

Full Time Professionals

Coldwell Banker San Juan Islands, Inc. only retains full time Real Estate professionals that meet our ethical, educational and work standards. We’ve got a great, trustworthy, diverse, efficient, and experienced crew here.

Full Range of Inventory

Coldwell Banker San Juan Islands, Inc. is proud to list and sell Real Estate in all price ranges. We look forward to placing buyers in their dream home or property. We are capable of successfully listing, marketing, and selling all properties, from land and homes to commercial buildings and businesses.

Million Dollar Homes

Year after year, Coldwell Banker San Juan Islands, Inc. sells more $1,000,000 and up homes than any other brokerage locally. Nationwide, Coldwell Banker consistently sells over ½ of all $1,000,000+ homes.


Our widely known, long standing reputation is that we guarantee our customers are well taken care of. We are the most trusted and productive Real Estate Brokerage in the San Juan Islands, since 1960.

Knowledge & Experience

Our Real Estate Brokers and Management average over 20 years of experience at Coldwell Banker San Juan Islands, Inc. We have the most collective knowledge about our local real estate market and we have great a wealth of experience navigating all its nuances. This combination provides our customers with an important advantage.

Customer Base

Over many years we have grown the largest database of both purchasers and sellers through repeat business and customer referrals. This valuable data allows our brokers to match buyers and sellers, giving our customers a distinct advantage.

Experienced Management

Our owner works hard to hire both support staff and full-time brokers who are smart, driven, and who have strong customer service backgrounds, thereby ensuring quality service and representation. He also works hard to make sure we are armed with the best and latest tools available in our industry so that we may better serve. Our Designated Managing Broker oversees all transactions so our customers can trust that everything is done right. She also does not list or sell property so she’s not competing with our Real Estate Brokers. Our management provides outstanding training and systems, giving us further edge over our competitors and allowing us to be both more efficient and effective.


Our offices in Friday Harbor and Roche Harbor are in the best and most visible locations. Friday Harbor is the business, government, and shopping core of San Juan County. Roche Harbor is the premier boating resort and village in the islands.


We have the most extensive advertising and marketing program in San Juan County. We utilize affiliates, content, direct mail, email, networking, social media, print publications, and search engine optimization techniques as some of our superb marketing strategies.

Coldwell Banker Standards

Coldwell Banker symbolizes the highest level of trust, professionalism and productivity amongst real estate brokerages nationwide and now even worldwide. We’ve been a Coldwell Banker Affiliate since 1984.


Coldwell Banker San Juan Islands has always remained the leader in marketing and service in San Juan County.

Market Share

Coldwell Banker San Juan Islands, Inc. is consistently the listing agent, selling agent or both in approximately 45% – 55% of the sales of listed properties on San Juan Island and many of the outer islands. In addition, we consistently sell a large percentage of our own listings.


Coldwell Banker San Juan Islands, Inc. has 25 top-notch Brokers and 2 professional Management Staff serving our customers. We are competent, skilled professionals who ensure quality and efficiency.


In everything we do.

Follow Up

We follow up after the sale, taking care of every detail, assuring customer satisfaction.


For decades we have been giving back to our community by donating to almost every organization and situation in need. Many within our company also serve through important local organizations, charities, and relief programs.

Award Winner

Please come visit our office and see all the awards we have on display. Coldwell Banker San Juan Islands has won the Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporations “Presidents Award of Honor” numerous times. This award is based upon exceptional productivity per agent and overall performance. Only a small percentage of the 3,000 + Coldwell Banker Brokerages are recipients. In fact, we’re in the top 3% of the 440 Coldwell Banker Brokerages with 11-20 Real Estate Brokerages with Real Estate Brokers category in the United States.

Why Choose Us