Books With A Local Setting

Title Author
Awakening Curry Buckle Michael Donnelly
The Accidental Hermit Noel Murchie
Amber Beach Elizabeth Lowell
As Though Praying John L. Wright
Birding in the San Juans Mark Lewis
Black Silent Mystery David Dun
Critical Mass Steve Martini
Crow in Stolen Colors Marcia Simpson
Dandelion Wine Ray Bradbury
Dark Specter Michael Dibdin
Death on a Casual Friday Sharon Duncan
Deception Pass Earl Emerson
A Deep Blue Farewell Sharon Duncan
Exploring Coast Salish Prehistory Julie Stein
False Harbor Michael Donnelly
Folly Laurie King
Holy the Firm Annie Dillard
Jade Island #2 Elizabeth Lowell
Injustice For All JA Lance
Kindred Spirits Lorrie Harrison
Light on the Island, The Helene Glidden
The Living Annie Dillard
Living High June Burn
Magic Islands David Richardson
More Sketches: Carmel to Orcas Barb Meyer
No Regrets Anne Rule
Northwest Legacy Jeremy Snapp
Photography Outdoors Mark Gardner
The Pig War Islands David Richardson
Plants and Animals of the PNW Eugene Kozloff
San Juan Classics Janice Veal and Dawn Ashbach
San Juan Classics 2 Janice Veal and Dawn Ashbach
The San Juan Islands Mark Gardner
A San Juan Islands Journal Jo Ann Ridley
Seashore Life of the Pacific North Coast Eugene Kozloff
September Mourn Mary Daheim
Simplistic Sailboat Dan Hookam
Snow Falling on Cedars David Gutterson
Sound Tracks Marcia Simpson
Summer Island Kristin Hannah
Summerland Michael Chabon
Vertebrae Samuel Green
Whale Tales Peter Fromm
Whale Tales 2 Peter Fromm
Wild Harvest Terry Domico